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Bellco Canada receives Health Canada Licensing for FLEXYA™ Hemodialysis System

October 24, 2014

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Oct. 23, 2014 /CNW/ – Bellco Canada Inc. today announced it has received Health Canada Medical Device Licensing for FLEXYA™, a next-generation dialysis delivery system designed to deliver hemodialysis and advanced on-line hemodiafiltration therapies.


FLEXYA™ continues Bellco’s pioneering work in dialysis technologies that spans over 40 years.  The company’s Formula™ hemodialysis system has been an established presence in major Canadian hospitals and clinics since 2000, and introduced functional innovations such as accurate Coriolis flowmeter ultrafiltration measurement technology to daily clinical use. FLEXYA™ enhances the ability of nephrologists to deliver an expanded range of dialysis therapies easily and effectively to patients through its use of an exclusive and simple cassette-based disposable blood circuit (AUTOMATICA™) that the machine recognizes, positions and configures for use fully-automatically with optical recognition technology. FLEXYA™’s on-board ultrafilters, DIALYCLEAN™ and H20Clean™ uniquely generate sterile dialysis fluids for use in any selected treatment modality (not only on-line HDF therapies), thereby affording a higher level of patient safety and the additional convenience and cost savings of on-line dialysis circuit priming in lieu of pre-packaged saline. FLEXYA™ is also first to feature a new Bellco clinical innovation: SOGLIA™, a built-in monitoring and alarm system that assists medical staff in predicting and pre-empting hypotensive events during dialysis.


A wholly owned subsidiary of Bellco Srl Italia, Bellco Canada is a leading provider of medical technologies for the treatment of renal failure, including a full range of dialysis machines, disposable products, water treatment systems and disinfectant products.  Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, the company’s experienced team of professionals delivers comprehensive clinical and technical expertise alongside its products to the Nephrology community nationwide.


Founded in 1972, Bellco Srl Italia is a pioneer in the development of extracorporeal therapies for kidney disease, sepsis and congestive heart failure.  The company’s main headquarters and manufacturing operation is located near Bologna, in Mirandola – an important, internationally-recognized centre for biomedical technology design and manufacturing. Bellco is privately held by an investment consortium led by the Charme II private equity fund, managed and operated by Montezemolo Partners SGR SpA.

Article source: http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/bellco-canada-receives-health-canada-193900577.html

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