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7 Days Action Plan to Start Your Own Business

By Shailendra Jain This 7 days action plan to start your own business can turn your vision into reality quickly and efficiently. DAY 1 Analyze your Technical Skills – Try to evaluate the skills which you have learned or developed. This can be a key entry towards the more realistic approach of what exactly...
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Don’t Be Fooled by the Promise of Low Mortgage Rates

By Paul Mangion Conversations between new home owners usually include comparisons of their low mortgage rates, and discussions  of where they found them. Much of a good mortgage broker’s business is referral business from satisfied customers who pass their information on to their friends and acquaintances. Another side of the conversation is when individuals are...
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Tax Saving Plan for Employed People

By Shailendra Jain Employed people have less scope for tax savings as compared to self employed people. If you are currently employed, the income and benefits from and related to your employment are taxed and you cannot claim any deductions against employment income except that are specifically allowed by the system. Here are some...
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10 Tips For Writing Optimized Articles

 For Search Engines and Social Media Sites By Yash A Sharma Search engine optimization is a technique of improving and controlling the traffic to a particular website or a blog page. A company which uses search engine optimization will have higher appearance when a user searches for their website or URL on a search...
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Professional Accounting Services:

10 Reasons Every Business Needs Them BySinead O Connor McGraw Running a business requires hard work with managers and small business owners doing a wide array of job roles. Often many fail to know when to they should bring in experts to get certain tasks done. The task of managing finances is critical to...
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10 Best Tax Tips For Small Business

By Allan Madan Tax is the biggest expense for most small businesses. Yet most small businesses don’t have a plan to reduce the amount of taxes that they pay. To stay competitive and profitable, it’s imperative that your small business reduce its tax expense. Below, I’ll share the 10 Best Tax Tips that your...
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