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Eugene Robinson Live (August 15)

August 15, 2017

As a 60-year-old Anglo, I honestly am. At the backlash over our first African-American president, the double-standards our first female presidential candidate from a major party faced and how many racists remain among us, including friends and family members. The latter of which in my case managed to keep these tendencies hidden until emboldened by Trump. This week I thought they would keep their opinions to themselves. Not so. Facebook posts question why Trump is expected to denounce white racism and terrorism while Obama, they claim, never did the same against blacks. Prior to his too late, insincere denouncement, I read statements of praise for Trump not speaking out. Another compared Wikipedia entries defining Asian, black and gay pride in benign terms while white pride connotes racism. That stirred up all of those who feel discriminated against because they are white. Had they not been emboldened by Trump, I otherwise would have had no idea how these friends and family members feel. Two of them aren’t even Anglo-Saxon. One is second generation Greek and the other second generation Italian, whose parents and grandparents most likely faced racism when the first came to this country.

Article source: https://live.washingtonpost.com/opinion-focus-with-eugene-robinson-20170815.html

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