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Mississauga mayor wants to fine drive-thru idlers

May 9, 2014

The mayor of Mississauga is suggesting a city idling bylaw be enforced at all drive-thrus to help cut down on the pollution vehicles cause.

At a news conference Wednesday, Mayor Hazel McCallion said she wants to see the idling bylaws enforced, and ideally would ban drive-thrus altogether.

She said she opposes drive-thrus because they create pollution and because the lineups can cause traffic problems.

She also said that drive-thrus encourage an unhealthy lifestyle.

“I think it’s contrary to our principles of exercising, sitting in a car waiting to get a cup of coffee instead of getting out of the car and going into the restaurant,” she said.

The penalty for idling more than three minutes is a $150 fine in Mississauga.

Article source: http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/mississauga-mayor-wants-to-fine-drive-thru-idlers-1.1812209

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