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MLS Listings Are the Best Tools

November 24, 2011

 For Selling and Purchasing Real Estate Properties

By Sofia Coraines

What are MLS listings?

Multiple Listing Services lists are databases, usually in XML format, which
contain the detailed information about real estate properties which are for
sale or which have recently been sold. Items belonging to the last category are
marked as ‘Sold’ in the list.

The pieces of information included in an item in this type of list are
standardized to a great extent. They include, among other facts, whether the
building is for a single family or for multiple families. This is followed by
the address of the structure, figures indicating the number and types of rooms
and the name of the primary and secondary level schools in the area.

The previous header information is followed by a descriptive paragraph.

After that come the actual size of the house and the size of the lot. The
listing also includes descriptions of the principal materials of which specific
areas in the house are built. Following this entry, a list of the features and
amenities included in the house are shown.

After the information about the property, come the name, address and other
details of the real estate broker who had the house listed. This is followed by
info about how long the item has been in the market and how much the selling
price is.

What is the use of MLS listings?

MLS lists are usually jointly owned by associations of traders and real
estate brokers doing business in a specific area. There may be several listings
included in one MLS community. This makes it much easier for property traders
to locate pieces of property that conform to the needs of their clients. The
fact that an MLS is a type of network, makes it possible to view as many
options as are possible within the list.

Therefore for getting as many sources as possible in one place as well as
for speed of transactions, these databases are very contributive.

Who can register entries with an MLS listing?

Any licensed real estate agent or broker may place his offers on the list
provided he becomes a member of the association publishing the list. In
general, the organizations managing these lists do not accommodate FSBO (For
Sale by Owner) entries from private individuals or real estate agents/brokers
who are not members of their association.

However, in countries like Spain, such entries are allowed.

How are the MLS listings accessed?

MLS listings are available for viewing through the courtesy of your real
estate broker. He can schedule a home search for you in which you can request
for different kinds of reports depending on your requirements. Since these
lists are updated everyday, it doesn’t make much sense to ask for a copy of the
list. You will simply have to do another home search for another occasion.

The parameters that can be used for the home search include the ZIP/Postal
code. You may also search by areas, subdivisions or streets. Sub-parameters
include price ranges, ranges for the number of bedrooms, the area of the house
and similar statistics.

Sofia Coraines is a contributing writer for a Mississauga Realtor with access toMLS Listings Mississauga.
For more related articles about the Mississauga Real Estate, Port Credit Real
Estate, and the Lorne Park Real Estate, please visithttp://www.donnagray.ca/table/articles/

Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sofia_Coraines

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